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You are beautiful


               ​​​​​​​LET´S INTENSIFY!

The recipe for feeling awesome :beautiful looking and cared for  hair, proper facial makeup and skin care, dressing up with nice clothes with combining colours. 

I am DINA. I am a HAIR STYLIST, a BEAUTY and WARDROBE CONSULTANT.All my life I have decicated myself to making people feel and look good. Everyone wants to feel and look good and for that to happen, the person has to be satisfied with the way his or her hair is cut, the way their face is treatd and the clothes they are wearing..

To me every person is beautiful and I take it upon me to enhance the inherent beauty present in all my clients, be it through the style or colour of their hair or makeup they use, or even the colour of the clothes or glass frames they wear.

The same way that the decoration of an office or an apartment has to combine to look great, that also applies when it comes to a person´s looks.

I have learned through many years of experience and having lived in a few different countries , that each person needs attention acording to the type of hair, the type of skin and the color of the clothes they like to wear. Everything is interrelated and requires the apropriate attention and care.

Let me make you look great!

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"I love my work, I love to see the satisfied look in my client´s face after after they entrusted me to work on their hair or do their makeup and colour analysis. "


Pleased to meet you!

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So many courses, so many lectures, so many people attended to. All that has given me much experience and confidence in what I do. I now have much pleasure to pass it on to you.

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Each person´s hair has distinct characteristics and needs. So each type of hair requires special attention in order to get the best and practical results .


Your natural beauty   will be even more apparent when every part of your face is given special attention using  aquired skill and tecniques


 Never again will you purchase something that looks good on the display but when you get home you find out  you  don´t  really like it.Now you will be certain to buy clothes that will always look great on you!

Liked my Work?

If you would like a closer evaluation or you have a specific issue or need special attention, I will be very glad to attend to your needs.

Please fill in the following information. I appreciate your visit to my site and will get back to you very shortly. You can also use my whattsapp number listed below, or call me on the number listed below.